What is the NCAR GIS Program?

The NCAR GIS Program is an interdisciplinary effort to foster collaborative science, spatial data interoperability, and knowledge sharing with GIS. The main goal of the GIS Program is to promote and support the use of GIS as both an analysis, and an infrastructure tool in atmospheric research and to address broader issues of spatial data management, interoperability, and geoinformatics within the geosciences. Working in collaboration with other NCAR strategic initiatives, divisions, and UCAR programs, the program supports variety of science projects at NCAR, improves compatibility of atmospheric data sets with GIS tools, and creates bridges between atmospheric, geo- and social sciences. In 2004, the GIS Initiative launched “GIS Climate Change Scenarios” portal (this website) to serve a wide community of GIS users interested in global climate change. For more information about GIS Program or this portal, contact our staff.